Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Big Test

Yesterday millions of people took the KPSS test. Many people hopes and dreams rest on this test. If they score high, they have the opportunity to be a teacher in a state school or some kind of other government employee. A government job means job security in this country. Humanly speaking it is understandable that they put such value on this test. It is sad though that one test can shape the future of your life. If only people could see that if they fail this test they can always take it again. But if they fail God's test there is no second chance. God says sins must be forgiven to allow people to live with Him forever. People must put their trust in the Savior of the World who died for their sins. Getting high points on the KPSS test doesn't score you high points with God! May people put their hope in something eternal!

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