Monday, January 17, 2011

Stages in Moses' Life

I was reading through the life of Moses and I saw some stages in Moses' life that unless I'm abnormal, (no comment please) I think most full-time Christian workers go through. Especially those overseas. First let's look at what happened in Moses' life.

1. Moses kills and Egyptian who is treating one of his fellow countrymen very wrongly. In Acts it tell us that Moses thought the Hebrews would understand that God wanted him to be their leader.
2. God calls him at the burning bush. He makes excuses why he can't be the one God wants.
3. Moses trusts God and follows His leadership. It is said in the Bible that there was not a meeker man on the earth than Moses.

Let me tell you how this applies to me. Maybe it applies this way to you also.

1. We come into a country naively believing that some people will appreciate what we're doing. After all we coming to rescue them from their false religion. We have done many types of ministry in the states. Many times we haven't been out of our comfort zone while serving God so we don't see our superficial ministering to the Lord. It transfers over to the new country your in and you realize what Moses did in stage 2. You become fearful that you're not cut-out for the job.
2. You know God called you, but now you feel ineffective. As Moses made excuses you do too. "I can't speak. Even if I learn this language I'll still have this foreign accent. So I know the language, but the people won't change. They won't listen to me. What's the use? I'm an ineffective servant." we say.
Now in the first stage there was pride and a lack of waiting for God's timing.(This means we need to trust God)
In stage 2, we have the right opinion of ourselves. We are unimportant and ineffective...If you take God out of the equation. In this stage we have forgotten who it is that made the tongue and the mighty works He's done in our lives. We have forgotten the power of the Gospel. We are questioning why God wants to use us?
3. In stage three, we are praising God for his mercy and we don't want to go anywhere without him. We want to get to know Him more and more. We are standing up for and begging God to save the very people that hate us. This is the work of God. This is where God brought Moses. These are some of the things that I've been through. Maybe they'll be a help to you. I'd love your comments.