Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Earthquake Relief Efforts

Here is a letter from some of the Christians who have helped in the earthquake relief effort. Continue to pray for the needs in this area.

It was decided that they would focus efforts in Van and the nearby villages that have not seem significant help. 
A group of local believers, Iranian UN refugees, and others from Ankara and Istanbul have been providing food service every day for up to 700 people since October 29th. Money from gifts has been used to partially fund that(amount N/A currently).
A team of 6 from the Diyarbakir Church made repairs to the Van church and some houses, provided more tents to some needy and served wholeheartedly where needed.
Over the last week 3 doctors from Antalya(Dr. K.), Ankara and Duzce(Dr. K.) and other medically trained persons were in Van distributing medicines, and seeing patients--350 people received medical treatment.
One group from India is planning to partner with in-country workers/locals to put together up to 100 winterized living shelters.  Additional funds for this project will be needed.
Even though the main purpose of these relief efforts has not been evangelism, six people came to faith in Christ in the last 10 days

Beside those;
50 Tents were set up for homeless
70 sleeping bags were given out,
100 people received warm blankets,
250 people received clothing help.
4 believers who have served non-stop since the first earthquake have been given 800TL each to help with their needs.
A van has been purchased with relief funds(approx $10,000) for use in food and supply delivery.
2 insulated container-type living units(3mt x 7mt) have been purchased since the second earthquake(Nov.9th) left the houses of believers in Van unlivable. Their price was 14,250 TL(about $9000) including shipment and they are expected to arrive on Wednesday, Nov. 16th.