Sunday, December 20, 2009

Interesting Day

It seems like every time the Turkish pastor leaves something interesting happens. We had 8 students come in this morning. They were doing a report for the sociology class and wanted to video our services. So I said sure go for it. After the service they wanted to ask us questions. So myself and some of the young people answered their questions. I was very pleased with the way our young people handled themselves and answered questions. They were talking with students from their same university. Some of the questions were: As a Christian can you do all that you want in Turkey? Are their similarities in the Koran and the Bible? Have you been harassed for being a Christian? What do you think about missionary work? In all we talked with them for about an hour and a half. What was really nice is that after they stopped filming they asked more questions. Throughout the entire conversation the young people explained the gospel. God gave us a great opportunity to speak the truth to these students. What is even better is their university class is going to watch the videos. Thank God for this opportunity!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Some people have a hard time getting along with their mother-in-law's. Others have no problem. Being 6,000 miles away from my mother-in-law, I definitely don't have a problem. Here many women live with their mother-in-law. Of course in the matriarchal hierarchy she's the ruler. My wife has made friends with a lady. So she came over to visit with Angie. Along with her came her mother-in-law. According to Angie it was constantly telling her daughter-in-law what to do. The subject turned to Jesus and the Bible. Angie's friend was asking normal questions. The mother-in-law definitely wanting to put an end to these questions spoke up as an authority about the Koran and the Bible. This is where you see a huge different in cultures. Angie, the American, has respect for elders, but if they are wrong she will say something. Which she politely told the woman what the Bible says about itself and Jesus. A Turkish woman on the other hand would not dare say anything against the mother-in-law. Even if she's wrong. So hopefully as Angie builds this friendship, the mother-in-law will not always tag along.