Thursday, April 14, 2011

Some emails we have received

I wanted to share some emails that our website has received. We have been getting regular requests for N.T., these are just some people who wanted to give us their opinions. This is my dynamic equivalent translation.

Hello. Do you believe in the last book? Do you believe in the last prophet? Do you know the contents of the Koran? We believe in Jesus and the last prophet (peace be upon him). We also believe that everyone will raise again. Why don't you talk about the Koran?

Why do you always talk about the N.T.? Aren't there more things to discuss than this?
Why are you doing this in this city?

Look brother, I don't know what you're advertising but the only valid religion is Islam. The other religions were annulled. Also Jesus (peace be upon him) will descend on the last day and be a Muslim. Know this! This is how it is. Salvation is in the Koran.

I'm glad that we are able to discuss things with people who have these types of opinions and questions. How shall they here without a preacher?