Friday, August 31, 2007

Good Enough!

We've been moving and setting up our new apartment this entire month. It was during this time that this thought, "Good enough!" came to mind. When we first entered our grand apartment I began to notice a lot of crazy things. For instance, you may have three electrical outlets in one room, and you're guaranteed that one of them won't work. Sometimes two out of three don't work. Or than you have the situation of ceiling lights not being centered on the ceiling, and there are many other things I could mention. I know some of you are thinking who cares. Well you see the thought process for most people here in Turkey is, "It's Good Enough." I'm thinking, "No I want it right." They say, "Why, it's good enough." You find this thought process in the religion of Turkey, which is Islam. Every Muslim knows that they aren't perfect and they never will be. They don't pray five times a day or they have a drink every now and then. In fact, most have never read the Koran. The goal is not perfection. The goal is to be good enough. A Muslim just needs enough good works to outweigh the bad ones. So this thought process permeates their entire way of life. It's not perfect, but it's good enough. I don't have to worry about being perfect because my Savior, Jesus Christ was! I'm perfect through the blood of Jesus. Ramadan begins this month. Millions of Muslims will observe their fasting hoping to erase some bad deeds, just to be good enough. Pray that we will be able to explain that God has much higher standards than just being good enough.