Monday, January 11, 2010


I had a typo that I've since corrected. I wrote the Great Commission does end with converts. I meant to write The Great Commission does not end with converts.


LeRoy Eims, author of The Lost Art of Disciple Making, gave his opinion on time frames for discipleship. He himself says that the times vary according to people. Here is what he says:
Convert to disciple-2 years
Disciple-worker-2 years
Worker-leader- 3 year
Here is a quote from him. "Let's say Jesus spent 12 hours a day with his men for three years. That's 4380 hours a year, and 13,140 hours in those 3 years. If we are able to spend seven hours per week with a person (four in church and three elsewhere)-and that's a high figure-it would mean that we would spend 365 hours a year with that man. At that rate it would take us 36 years to match the time frame used by Jesus..."
The point is that we need Christian workers who are willing to stick it out. In what are called closed countries the turn around time is very short. In our time here in this country we've known 10 families that have left the country. If it takes 5-7 years to train a leader, it is no wonder there are so many immature believers in this country. There is always a need for what we call short-termers. If you feel called has called you somewhere, be committed if necessary to stay a lifetime. The great commission does not end with converts.