Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thankful for God's Protection for a Friend

Today I was able to chat with one of my friends back in Turkey. He was on his way to a city in the southeast part of the country when the bus he was riding on crashed. Because he bought his tickets late, he was in the back of the bus. I was really thankful because some people were injured and there might have been 1 or 2 deaths. All of these people were sitting near the front. I started our conversation with this line, "I saw the picture of the bus crash. I'm glad you're ok. God's hand was on you." He then said that he was not afraid to die. I told him maybe he should be afraid to die. From there we talked about how death was separation from God. I was able to chat with him over Romans 2:14&15. Then he moved on to the fact that he actually wished he would have died. He said he was tired of life. We then talked about the life that we can have when we know the Creator God. It was really an opportunity from God. I have shared the Gospel with him before, but I often wondered if he was listening. He was this time. I wanted him to think about how good God is in providing a way of salvation for mankind, and also for protecting him. I do pray that God would let my lost friends live long enough to trust Christ. Pray that God would use the bus crash to cause my friend to think about eternity.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Summit

This June will be 8yrs. since the Lord worked in our hearts to be involved in world evangelism and take the Gospel to another country. It was a Baptist Camp for world evangelism put on by bcwe.org that God used to convict our hearts. This year we had our first opportunity to attend the Summit, put on by the same organization, in Pigeon Forge, TN. It was such an encouragement to see how God is using men and women in Peru, Chile, Argentina, North Africa, China, etc... It was just as encouraging to see the young men and women who are preparing to go into all the world. It was a conference that focused my mind on the heart of God to begin the new year. Let me encourage you to take some time visit www.bcwe.org, subscribe to the blogs of God's servants around the world, and get excited about what God is doing.